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Marketing is a special challenge among the challenges many challenges you face as a small business. Without marketing your customers will never get to use your product or service — or donate to your nonprofit.

Marketing is about action …

Today, there are more opportunities than ever to reach your customers and inspire them to take action.

Marketing is about fulfillment … And your bottom line.

At its heart, marketing is about response and results. If your marketing isn’t getting a good response and bringing in results, you’re not making money. No matter what your mission, or how much you want to accomplish it for your clients, without a good marketing program, your business may end up as an unacceptable statistic.

What We Do

We are not a recipe centered marketing agency where you pick your services off a menu. We don’t just design logos or develop websites or create print ads. We don’t just do social media or write email marketing plans. Although we do all those things —- and more. We can help you with every facet and stage of your marketing, concept to completion, or do any step in between.

We take a holistic approach to marketing—

we teach, we plan, we create, we coach, we mentor and we implement.

Our clients are small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs who are pushing their personal and professional limits — just like you. Many are new to business. Many struggle with decisions and technology and doubt. All, however, have a passion for what they do and so do we.


How We Can Make A Difference for YOU.

Classes and workshops

We believe knowledge is power so education is a big part of what we provide. We offer everything from free classes to intensive workshops. We help you get the skills you need to empower your business with the latest and best marketing opportunities. Many of our workshop attendees go on to fulfill their own marketing programs. We know this and we don’t hold back anything — you have an all access pass to our knowledge base.

Free classes are all about concept and best practice so come prepared to get inspired and learn some how-tos. If you’re really ready to roll up your sleeves, join us for a paid workshop. (Be aware we put the “work” in workshop. You’ll need to bring your devices, your artwork, your passwords AND your power cord because your battery won’t make it through this without a charge.)

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FREE Seminars & Webinars

Through our partnership with Constant Contact & local local resources, we offer free live marketing seminars and webinars every week.
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Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes you need 1 on1 attention. Sometimes only a personalized strategy will work; sometimes you just need some questions answered or a knowledgeable ear to listen to your plans or review your content. Then there are those times you just need someone to talk you down off the cliff (hey, we’ve all been there).

Kim offers a “Rent Kim’s Brain” coaching call scheduled when you need it and only for what you need … from technical coaching through strategy and more. And just like our classes – we hold nothing back. Your “Rent Kim’s Brain” call often includes services at no additional charge — such as helping you design graphics or implement an email campaign. Coaching in our opinion is meant to help you succeed not give you more stress (and we know all software can be a bit stressful if you don’t know how to use it).

Rent Kim’s Brain sessions are one hour in length — use it once, use it multiple times, and $97 each. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you don’t pay.

Support Services

Good marketing requires good graphics, functional materials, well thought out words, and impeccably delivered materials both online and offline. If you need it to get your message across, we can get it done. From the must haves of brand design, logos and photography through website development, print materials and social media marketing. Do you have to use us to for support services if you want to attend a class or get a coaching package? Absolutely not. We offer these services so you can choose to use them if you need them. As long as you get them done somewhere, we’re happy.






After completing Kim’s 4-part educational series on marketing I feel empowered with knowledge about the big picture as I position my business in the world of technology. She has also provided me with tools to plan and execute each step of the process! Kim’s teaching style is clear and direct without a lot of confusing “sidebar” commentary about fringe options. Thank you Kim for helping me discover the language of marketing and sharing knowledge that is relevant and practical as I move forward with my business.
~Michelle, Ohio

Kimberly is an amazing multi-talented individual who can take your idea from concept to completion, implement it and get results. She is a one-stop business professional and creative who can concept, write, edit, photograph, video, web design and PULL together your entire project. I don’t know anyone else like her!!! Kimberly is equally and exceptionally versed in all these areas and it has been my pleasure to do business with her over the years. ~Rhonda, Missouri

As I was struggling with getting my logo and website completed Kim stepped up and made the process easy. She not only designed my logo website, but also flew into my home town to take pictures of me with my horses. My logo has garnered more compliments than I can count as have the pictures and website. She continues to assist me with marketing strategies and ideas and helps me to understand how to utilize different programs available to promote my business. I highly recommend Kim. She is multi-talented and listens to what I want to accomplish in order to help me actualize my ideas and dreams.
~Margo, Texas

Kim is amazing. She is such a pleasure to work with and has a phenomenal talent for capturing beautiful moments. The quality and quantity of the photos has far exceeded my hopes! I am so grateful to have such gorgeous photos for my website and marketing material but also to have incredible photos of my beloved animals that I will treasure for the rest of my life! Thank you thank you!!!
~Christina, Colorado

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