How We Can Make A Difference for YOU.

Classes and workshops

We believe knowledge is power so education is a big part of what we provide. We offer everything from free classes to intensive workshops. We help you get the skills you need to empower your business with the latest and best marketing opportunities. Many of our workshop attendees go on to fulfill their own marketing programs. We know this and we don’t hold back anything — you have an all access pass to our knowledge base.

Free classes are all about concept and best practice so come prepared to get inspired and learn some how-tos. If you’re really ready to roll up your sleeves, join us for a paid workshop. (Be aware we put the “work” in workshop. You’ll need to bring your devices, your artwork, your passwords AND your power cord because your battery won’t make it through this without a charge.)

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FREE Seminars & Webinars

Through our partnership with Constant Contact & local local resources, we offer free live marketing seminars and webinars every week.
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Make it Happen Monday

Join Kimberly Beer every Monday for and put one marketing principle to work for your business.

Live One Day Intensive Workshops

Take action and implement your marketing plans hands-on.
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Online/Offline All Inclusive Workshops

Do need help with EVERYTHING? Our KEYS Workshop is for you.

Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes you need 1 on1 attention. Sometimes only a personalized strategy will work. And sometimes you just need some questions answered or a knowledgeable ear to listen to your plans or review your content. And sometimes you just need someone to talk you down off the cliff (hey, we’ve all been there). You can tailor make a coaching or mentoring package for you and your needs. From technical coaching through strategy and more. And just like our classes – we hold nothing back. Coaching packages often include services at no additional charge -such as helping you design graphics or implement an email campaign. Coaching in our opinion is meant to help you succeed not give you more stress (and we know all software can be a bit stressful if you don’t know how to use it).

Support Services

printproductionGood marketing requires good graphics, functional materials, well thought out words, and impeccably delivered materials both online and offline. If you need it to get your message across, we can get it done. Do you have to use us to for support services if you want to attend a class or get a coaching package? Absolutely not. We offer these services so you can choose to use them if you need them. As long as you get them done somewhere, we’re happy.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Pablo Picasso


Constant Contact - StackedOver the years we’ve found some awesome tools that truly make a difference to small business. We partner with Constant Contact because we know time savings and professionalism are two critical factors to your success. Through their amazing software you can create, design, implement and analyze your online marketing. We recommend it to all of our clients — for profit and non-profit alike. And when you subscribe through us you not only get this award winning tool, you get perks such as customized template design and free campaign coaching.

Untitled-3Marketmesuite us another tool we use and recommend because among other things it saves you time on your social media marketing. This tool also lets you automate your social media posting process and do some in-depth analyzation of your campaign results.
Screen-Shot-2014-10-12-at-7.11.00-PMAnimoto is video editing software that takes very little expertise and is more based on photos than long video clips. This makes it easy for our customers to use and implement. And if you don’t want to use it, we have a professional subscription so we can do it for you and you can reap the benefits.