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This is the place you have been seeking.

This is the place you have been seeking.

This is the Place You've Been Seeking.

Connect with a horse in a new way …

Our equine workshops and retreats are truly unique. Whether you have loved horses all your life or never met one up close before, this experience will change your life.

Find your path with joy and ease …

Whether you’re seeking a quiet renewal from nature, to connect with your horse, or want to have a daring adventure with your bike, you’ve found your path here.

Dance with your muse …

Our creative workshops and retreats will encourage and enlighten you. Let go of what’s been holding you back and experience everything your soul wants to express.

Let your wild side go really fast …

If you love adventure, join us in June for one of the two annual Hare Scrambles hosted at The Beer Ranch. We think you’ll find our trails challenging and exciting.

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Experience the TRUE Magic of a Horse

Winston Churchill famously said that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. Well, we want to take that thought to a whole new level. Our equine workshops and retreats focus around working in partnership with horses to heal and enliven the humanity within all of us.

Of all the species that share our planet, we have the most unique relationship with the horse. Horses have dedicated so much of their existence to the betterment and survival of humanity. They have worked for us, fought for us and carried us to new horizons. They represent both power and peace. They also have a innate ability to heal us — perhaps because they understand us on such an intimate level. Once you have experienced the true magic of a horse, your life will be forever changed for the better.

About The Beer Ranch

The Beer Ranch was founded in 1964 by Louise and Max Beer. Over the years it has served as a working cattle ranch and farm. Since 2005, the ranch has been operated by Kimberly Beer, Max and Louise’s daughter. Today, the ranch not only features cattle and crops, but has also become a place for fun and a sanctuary for healing the human spirit. Every year, The Beer Ranch hosts a number of events focused on finding joy — whether that joy is experienced going 70 miles an hour down a dirt track on a motorcycle or in the quiet comfort of a horse in a roundpen.

The ranch features 13 miles of improved trails for horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and dirt biking with an additional open trails and fields for riding and walking. There is primitive camping available for 100 plus rigs.

In addition to events focused around the ranches scenic trails, The Beer Ranch also hosts a number of healing and horsemanship workshops each year.

The ranch is located 15 miles from I-49, one easy driving hour south of Kansas City. The ranch is open to the public during events only.

You found it. Now, let's have some fun!