3My mission with Midnight Productions, Inc. has always been to help small businesses succeed by giving them a competitive edge in their marketing. Since 1996, I’ve created award winning, functional, meaningful marketing materials that are used both offline and online. I have worked with a variety of companies and types of businesses. Many have been equine (horse) and agricultural related businesses because I have a unique understanding of those industries. This broad experience has allowed me to see marketing and business from many different angles and perspectives.

Part of my process has always been to be on a team with my clients. And that means I get personal with my clients. I learn about their businesses — many times attending their in-house marketing meetings and even going to trade shows and customer events with them so I can fully understand their business and their customers. I take the time to learn about their personal goals and I strive to understand needs, budgets, target markets and growth requirements all while remembering that everything I do is rooted in making someone’s dream come true.

I offer suggestions, I coach, I share and I care. I always have and I always will.

I recognized early on in my business that marketing is not a simple endeavor with a set of easily defined parameters that I could express in terms that would fit neatly on the back of a brochure or down the sidebar of a website. Rather, marketing is a complex and ever changing process that is as unique and special as each business. It is not fulfilled with a print ad or a Facebook page. It is not created with banners, brochures, business cards or websites. It’s all those things and so much more — it’s photography, it’s words and branding and search engines and avenues that are we aren’t even aware of yet because they’re being born in the college dorm rooms of young geniuses who will rock our world with a totally unexpected way to reach out to our customers and followers. Marketing is everything your business — and your customers — depend on to succeed. It is the difference between you and your competition.

Most of all, marketing is about relationships. Your relationship with your client.

For me, every new client presents a challenge and an opportunity. Many times I’ve added a new skill or service or tool to my kit to make sure a customer had what they needed to make their program work — to reach their clients in a way that really hit home and moved them to hire or buy or donate. When people ask me what my services are, I’ve always been prone to rattle off a long list of the things I can do, but the short answer is: Whatever you need to reach your customers; whatever you need to move your dream out of the clouds and onto solid ground.

As my range and the team at Midnight Productions, Inc. has grown, the focus on fulfilling small business owner’s dreams has not gotten lost. Everyone here feels the same way — small business, entrepreneurs, and those little non-profits with big hearts and bigger missions ARE the future — not only of our success but the success of everyone on our planet. Small businesses feed our needs, our economy and our souls.